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Autodesk Fusion 360 Build Manual – Toaster Model Build (Step by Step)

Re-visited the original concept to add new detail split line. Re-rendered within Fusion 360, experimenting with lighting and casting shadows.

Original concept was created / designed as a quick Adobe Photoshop learning exercise, circa 1999 / 2000. Following the first build in Fusion 360 I decided to rebuild the model using the original image as an underlay allowing to more accurately replicate the profiles.

Experimenting with the rendering capabilities within Fusion 360. Royalty free licence model from Turbosquid was imported into Fusion 360 and used as a 3D scene along side the rebuilt toaster concept.

Further experimentation within Fusion 360, pushing the lighting and material rendering capabilities.

3D Model exported from Fusion 360 into Slicer. The printed and cut out profiles created a quick and fast prototype to assess scale and proportions.