Ian Balmain Hewitt, Senior Lecturer on Design for Industry course at Northumbria University.Ian Hewitt – I am a Senior Lecturer on the Design for Industry course at Northumbria University with over 2 decades of Industrial Design experience. My wealth of knowledge, passion for creativity and detail spans both public and private sector organisations, including 3 years in the United States of America.

One of my strengths lies in taking products from concept generation and prototyping through to market. I have covered a variety of sectors resulting in many products to market in the UK and US, including worldwide and US design patents and UK design registrations.

Whilst working at Design Network North and at the Centre for Design Research (CfDR, Northumbria University) I have contributed to a wide range of projects covering the research and development for individuals, SME’s and larger organisations. In recent years I have also developed my work in the field of 3D animation and rendering, concentrating on visual communication through product animation, exploring and illustrating complex science and technology research.

My credentials in Industrial Design have enabled me to impart essential knowledge and understanding to professionals with success and now enjoy the increased challenge of undergraduate teaching.